Amy Bell--Vocals, Guitar

Amy grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to NC in 2004.  Her love of music began in utero; her mother, an elementary school teacher, played guitar and sang throughout her pregnancy with Amy.  Years later, after college, Amy dug that same Yamaha guitar out of the attic and taught herself to play. Though mollybond is her first true band experience, Amy performed her original songs briefly as a solo artist in the early 90's.  Her favorite venue was a place in Abilene, TX called "Jitters Drive Thru Espresso Big Dog Shoe and Boot Repair and Scrub Car Wash". 


Karen Hall--Vocals, Violin

Karen was born in Detroit, Michigan and through her working career as a pharmaceutical engineer lived in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and North Carolina.  Her parents emphasized music at an early age, and she started playing classical violin at 5 years old.  Not until a few years ago, when she met a wonderful group of women, did she realize her love of music could translate to Americana and her love of writing could find a purpose.  She lives on a farm in Western NC with her husband, donkeys, goats, dogs and cat.


Debi Kirkland --Vocals, Dulcimer, Piano, Percussion

Debi Kirkland grew up in Virginia singing mountain music, hymns and cowboy songs.  She fell in love with rock n’ roll in the sixties and seventies and later sang classically with the Raleigh Master Choral for thirteen years.  Although she loves a wide variety of musical styles, her gospel mountain roots run deep, as reflected in many of her original songs written on her lap dulcimer, “Precious”. She also plays and writes on piano.  Debi lives in Raleigh with her husband, recording artist Robert Kirkland.  Their son Nick plays guitar, sings, writes, and creates music with several bands in Raleigh, notably, No Eyes and Acid Chaperone.  Debi says mollybond is an actualization of a life long dream to play in an all girl band, “especially this one with talented women I love and admire”.



Molly Mahoney--Vocals, Guitar

Molly grew up in Toledo, Ohio and moved to North Carolina in 2002.  Music has been a lifelong love for Molly – from singing in the church folk group to booking bands to finally picking up the guitar at age 39.  Thanks to the guidance of band-member Amy and guitar-teacher/mentor, Laurie Capperella, Molly learned to play and was inspired early-on by strumming Lucinda Williams’ songs before writing her own.  Molly lives in the Raleigh, NC area.  Her son, Conor, is the little “bun” for whom mollybond’s first album was named.


Karen Novy--Vocals, Piano, Accordion

Karen Novy started taking piano lessons from her father at the age of 5.  Her love of songwriting developed soon after (as evidenced by her first composition,  age 6, "Clouds") and she's been writing songs from the heart ever since.  After earning a college degree in music education, she decided to instead pursue a solo performing career as a singer/songwriter, traveling up and down the east coast, playing her songs for anyone who would listen.  Karen is thrilled to be a part of this special sisterhood collective.  To be a member of a band that feels like home, like it was always meant to be--it's a dream come true.  Karen resides in Durham, NC with her talented and wonderful husband, two amazing children, and adorable doggy.

Mary Storms--Vocals, Guitar

Mary’s musical intrigue began when she was selected to First Seat Triangle in her Kindergarten orchestra. From there she mastered the entire collection of Steven Foster songs on the piano, one handed. But it wasn’t until she saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964 that she knew music in some form or another would always be an important part of her life. Mary, an abstract artist, views singing and songwriting as an additional outlet to express and nurture her creative spirit and love of life. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her incredibly talented musician husband, Steve, and her mentally challenged cat, Leo.

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